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a very comprehensive list of what you get Ambassador Club Training

1. Ambassador Club Membership ($3997 Value)

  • Complete Step by Step Training
  • Access To “Ambassador” Links & Commissions
  • Monthly Updates At No Cost
  • Live Meetings With Students
  • Ask Questions And Get Answers Instantly
  • See What's Working For Other Students
  • Full Support Staff Ready To Help You
  • Quick Response Times
  • Perfect To Help Even Beginners Get Started

2. BONUS: Ambassador’s Only Facebook Group ($497 Value)

As an Ambassador You’ll Have Complete Access To The Members Only Private Facebook Group!

3. BONUS: The SUCCESS CONNECTION Weekly Training ($9997 Value)

  • Live Coaching With Anthony Morrison
  • Email Marketing Techniques That Work
  • Traffic Generation Strategies
  • Featured Live Questions & Answers

a Total value of: $14,491.00

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“I created the Ambassador Program to give people the opportunity to finally have the ability to earn multiple commissions and back end revenue without them having to build their own products. The process is simple and massively beneficial to our Ambassadors.”